Dog Sled Rides/Races

Ever wanted to race along a snowy trail feeling the power of a loyal team? Bring the whole family up to Grand County, Colorado for a truly exhilarating winter experience in dog sled racing and rides.

Do you dream of yelling “Mush!” to your team of huskies in the blinding snow while on the trail of the Iditarod? Head over to Snow Mountain Ranch on Monday and Saturday mornings and live out a (scaled-down) version of your dream with the whole family!

Why go to Alaska when you can come to Grand County for the perfect dog sled experience? Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park has 80 Sibeaian and Alaskan huskies, and you can hitch a 45-minute ride with a team of them. At Snow Mountain Ranch, a standard ride with their team of Alaskan huskies runs over a 2-mile trail that winds through open meadows with nothing distracting from the unbeatable views of the Rocky Mountains besides the soft padding of the huskies' feet. Grab the whole family, wrap up in wool blankets, and “mush!” your way across the snow for a unique Rocky Mountain experience you won't soon forget.

Summertime Dog Cart Rides

Visiting in the summer, and don't want to miss out on the dog sledding fun? Now you don't have to. Winter Park Dog Sled Rides offers summertime dog cart rides, where you can take a 30- to 45-minute ride on a cart pulled by the dog sled team! You won't want to miss out on this unique experience. Visit Winter Park's website to learn more about summer dog cart rides.