Grand County is the Western Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, boasting towering peaks, unforgettable wildlife encounters, and the unspoiled beauty and serenity of the park. Just another reason why out here, the altitude isn’t what takes your breath away.

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Your Rocky Mountain Trip Inspiration

A stream in the middle of a grassy meadow.

1-Day Itinerary

Experience Rocky Mountain's grandeur in one day with breathtaking views, wildlife encounters, and rich history.

A river in the middle of a field with mountains in the background.

2-Day Itinerary

With a full weekend to devote to the 265,769 acres of Rocky Mountain National Park, the possibilities for your itinerary are practically endless.

A wooden fence on a mountain road.

1-Week Itinerary

Hikes, boat trips, drives, river adventures and lodging recommendations. Get all the best insights on a one-week trip to Rocky Mountain.

A group of people riding bikes in the snow.

Winter Weekend Itinerary

From visitor centers to Nordic skiing to snowmobiling, Rocky Mountain National Park has all you need for the ideal winter weekend.

A woman riding a horse down a dirt road.

Trail Ridge Road Itinerary

From Medicine Bow to Gore Range, discover Trail Ridge Road's stunning stops in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Two moose in the water.

Elk Bugling Itinerary

Early to mid-fall is elk-breeding season in Rocky Mountain National Park. Check out this guide to seeing them and hearing their unmistakable bugle.


Rocky Mountain Beginner's Guide

Make your first visit a breeze with this beginner's guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, where towering peaks, unforgettable wildlife encounters and unspoiled beauty are waiting.

Plan Your Trip
Follow the “rule of thumb”. If you can cover the animal with your thumb, you're at a safe distance. Store food, trash and scented items in bear-proof containers to avoid unwanted interactions.
Stay on designated trails, even in less-than-ideal conditions. It protects wildlife, prevents erosion and ensures you remain on the safest terrain. If you're camping, choose a designated campsite.
Ensure campfires are permitted in your area. Once lit, keep them small and monitored, and extinguish fully when finished. Be careful when smoking, discarded butts are common causes of wildfires.
Always pack out your trash, including peels and cores. No restroom? Be ready with a disposable WAG bag or bury your business 8 inches deep, at least 70 steps from all water sources and trails.
Never take plants, rocks or cultural items you find while exploring. Keep gear clean to prevent the spread of invasive species and preserve the landscape. Even minor damage can have a lasting impact.
Respect fellow adventurers in Grand County. Be mindful of noise and yield to uphill hikers and bikers who need the momentum. Always give priority to wheelchair users and equestrians on the trail.
Grand County weather is as varied as our activity options. Be prepared with warm layers, sun protection and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. Explore lesser-traveled sites to avoid the crowds.

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