Board Members



Length of Term

Ron Ellis3 LakesApril-07 - Dec-22
Jennifer Brown3 LakesOct-23 - Dec-24
Jace Worth (a)3 LakesJan-21 - Dec-23
Dave Huber (a)3 LakesJune-23 - Dec-26
Rebecca BeirdenFraser Valley Oct-23 - Dec-26
Cheryl SpeziaFraser ValleyApr 23 - Dec-25
Kristen SpronzFraser ValleyMay-20 - Dec-25
Elizabeth Brumm (a)Fraser Valley July-23 - June-26
Ken FoshaMainstem1992 - Dec-22
Nancy DuLac (a)MainstemJan-19 - Dec-22
Joanna WhitemarshMainstemAug-23 - July-26

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