Horseback riding amidst a forest in the fall

Autumn Adventure

Aspens and willows light up the mountainside with rich tones of red, oranges and yellows. Elks bugle in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. And the air turns crisp in anticipation of snow-filled days. From mountain biking and hiking to scenic drives and wildlife viewing, fall is one of the best seasons for adventure in Grand County, Colorado.

We can't wait for you to visit Grand County and experience our wealth of natural beauty and transformative outdoor adventures. But between wildfire risks, Covid-19, and other health and safety concerns, we're asking visitors to check out these tips and insights for visiting Colorado responsibly before heading out on a Colorado adventure. Whether that means masking up in crowded areas, sticking to the trails, following Leave No Trace principles, or staying home if you feel sick, all we ask is that you have an amazing time while exploring Colorado with kindness



With 1,000 miles of streams, 1,000 acres of high mountain lakes, and 11,000 acres of reservoirs, Grand County's abundant resources accommodate fishing of all kinds. Enjoy world-class fishing in our gold medal waters that flow throughout Grand County.

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Backcountry Huts & Yurts

Looking for a unique way to enjoy an overnight in the great outdoors (perhaps outside the confines of a nylon tent)? One of Colorado's quintessential wilderness experiences is a night in a backcountry hut. These free-standing dwellings — often a simple cabin, home or yurt that is only accessible via trail — are the ultimate in off-the-grid comfort. Enjoying the rustic adventure of a backcountry…

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Hot Air Ballooning

Adventure, excitement, romance. Leave your inhibitions on the ground as you peacefully soar over miles of open wilderness in your wind-guided craft. Let the wind take you where it may—each hot air balloon trip follows a unique path, dependant on the strength and direction of the wind that day.

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Hot Springs & Spas

In Grand County, there are plenty of ways to relax. However, the most common relaxing retreats that visitors and locals look for are spas. We have some good news: we have them!

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