Hot Air Ballooning

Adventure, excitement, romance. Leave your inhibitions on the ground as you peacefully soar over miles of open wilderness in your wind-guided craft. Let the wind take you where it may—each hot air balloon trip follows a unique path, dependant on the strength and direction of the wind that day. Although the route of the balloon might be different every time, one thing is for sure: a hot air balloon tour is one of the most unique ways to experience the beauty of Grand County, Colorado.

Hot Air Balloon Tour Details

Hot Air Balloon Tours through Grand Adventures leave every morning at sunrise, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, weather dependant. Beacuse of the location in the morning shadows of the Continental Divide, groups meet about 45 minutes after sunrise at the Fraser Valley launch point in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

Flights are approximately one hour, depending on landing site availability, wind direction, and fuel consumption. Flights are available year round and are scheduled at sunrise when the atmosphere is most stable and breezes are gentle.

All flights include a continental breakfast, a flight certificate, a professional photograph of your group, and a traditional, post-flight champagne toast. Hot air balloon tours are perfect for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings and more.

What to Expect on Your Flight

Once you climb into the basket and get settled, the hot air balloon will gently lift off the ground and gracefully ascend. As you gain altitude, the ride will begin to feel still, peaceful, and extremely tranquil.

Lower-level portions of your flight will allow for a wonderful perspective for spotting unique wildlife including deer, elk, birds, and more. Get close to rivers and other waterways, and even pick pine cones from the tree tops!

At higher altitude flights, expect to soar above the Rocky Mountains and take in expansive views extending across county boarders including Grand, Routt, Summit, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Boulder counties. Try to pick out some well-known mountain peaks with your guide, and even get a glimpse into Rocky Mountain National Park! While the flights do not fly over the national park property, you will be able to see landmark peaks within the park and other landmarks.

After about an hour-long flight, the balloon will find a space to land wherever the wind has taken you, and the group will load up in the chase vehicle to return to the starting point.

Year-Round Hot Air Balloon Tours

While hot air ballooning is most popular in the warmer summer and fall months, tours are available all year long. Even in the wintertime, flights are comfortable, and temperatures up in the balloon are about 30-40 degrees warmer than temperatures on the ground. Make sure to make a reservation for your unique Grand County Adventure!

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Adventure, excitement, romance. Leave your inhibitions on the ground as you peacefully soar over miles of open wilderness in your wind-guided craft.

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