Corona/Rollins Pass

Drive along the old railroad route to the 'Top of the World.' You'll pass a historic trestle and the abandoned town of Arrow, once a thriving railroad town. This self-guided auto tour takes you along one of the highest and most tortuous railroad routes ever conceived. Railroad men had to deal with huge snow drifts, arctic climates, and steep grades. The route was used until 1927, when the nearby Moffat Tunnel was completed. Now, Corona Pass is a scenic drive that showcases the rich railroad history of the area.

This unpaved road requires a 4wd vehicle and travereses for 15 miles to the top of the Continental Divide. Stop at the old train tresle before you reach the summit. 

Note, this road is not well maintained, closes for winter and is not a through road. Make sure to check weather conditions and road closures before you embard on your drive.

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