Green Mountain Reservoir

Green Mountain Reservoir is located along the Blue River on Highway 9 just south of Kremmling. Constructed between 1938 and 1943 as a part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, Green Mountain Reservoir serves the Colorado Western Slope community by providing water from the Colorado River, but it also provides the perfect location to be in the great outdoors.

Green Mountain Reservoir offers a full range of water activities including power boating, sail boarding, canoeing and fishing on its 2,125 acres of surface area. There are seven campgrounds within the area and several hiking trails suitable for both hiking and biking.  The lake is popular with anglers, who catch rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, and kokanee. Fishing and ice fishing are available all year round, but be sure to check ice conditions before. To learn more about fishing contests and condition, boating and camping information and more, visit the website.