Lone Eagle Peak

Hiking Lone Eagle Peak

Reaching nearly 12,000 feet, Lone Eagle Peak is a mountain summit in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, just northeast of the town of Fraser. Lone Eagle Peak’s drastic, pointy summit can be intimidating to the average hiker, but to an adventurous climber, it is a rugged, rocky playground.

Lone Eagle Peak is 8 miles out into Indian Peaks Wilderness area — which offers unparalleled solitude and peaceful trails to visitors. Even the approach to the peak on Monarch Lake Trail is a great adventure. As you hike along, you can often spot wildlife like deer and moose walking through the forests. And when mid-summer comes around, bright yellow and purple wildflowers blanket the edges of the trail. 

Remember to always keep your distance when you see wildlife near the trail. Follow the “Rule of Thumb,” if you can cover the animal with your thumb, you’re at a safe distance.

Climbing Lone Eagle Peak

Lone Eagle Peak can be climbed semi technically (Class 4) or technically. Make sure you have the correct skills, knowledge and equipment before embarking on your climb. Lone Eagle Peak rests in a high-alpine setting, so weather and terrain conditions can change quickly. That means proper planning and preparedness is essential. However, when approached properly, this scenic ascent is especially rewarding, delivering panoramic views of the wilderness, lakes and surrounding region.

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