With more than 500 surface acres, Grand Lake is the largest and deepest natural body of water in Colorado. Fed by the headwaters of the Colorado River and by snowmelt coming off the Continental Divide, Grand Lake forms a continuous body of water with the neighboring Shadow Mountain Lake, and both lakes remain consistently full all year long. Grand Lake is surrounded by Rocky Mountain National Park on three sides, and it is located near the western entrance to the park. 

Things to Do Near Grand Lake

Since the quaint town of Grand Lake sits adjacent to this alpine lake, there is plenty of shopping, dining and more on the historic boardwalk and in town. Plan some family fun on the lake's beach where visitors can swim, fish, kayak, paddleboard and more. 

Grand Lake Boating

Enjoy summer boating, swimming or sailing in pristine waters framed by a quaint mountain town. Boating is one of the most popular activities on Grand Lake, including ski boating, pontoon boating, pleasure boating, sailing and more. While rentals are available, there are also public access points if you have your own boat to launch.

Stop at Grand Lake Marina, located right on the beach to rent paddle boats, leisure boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, kayaks and more. 

Also located nearby, the Grand Lake Yacht Club is a popular attraction for boaters. Located at 8,367 feet in elevation, it is one of the highest yacht anchorages in the world. Since the club was founded in 1901, it also claims the title as one of the oldest clubs in the west. The Yacht Club sponsors an annual Regatta Week in mid-August, a fun-filled event with rousing sailboat races, great for visitors and locals.

Grand Lake Fishing

Fishing is also a popular Grand Lake pastime. With plenty of fish including rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, mackinaw, and kokanee salmon, so you're sure to catch the big one! In addition to summer fishing, come back in the winter months to try your hand at ice fishing on the lake — there are even annual ice fishing contests in the area.

Grand Lake Views

Visit Point Park near the lake to enjoy a family-friendly picnic or for the perfect boat-launch point. The park is located at the edge of Grand Lake off the boardwalk, and it offers an incredible view of Mt. Baldy, also known as Mt. Craig. The park is also a popular scenic backdrop for Grand Lake weddings. 

Take a short walk on the lake's east side to find Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. The loop hike is short and leads you to a rushing waterfall that feeds into the lake. Continue along the riverside path for a peaceful pine tree-lined trail with gorgeous outlooks of the lake from above.

Grand Lake Events

Every year firework displays light up the sky and reflect into Grand Lake for 4th of July and New Year's celebrations. It is truly a spectacular sight for the whole family to enjoy. In addition, the Grand Lake Regatta and the Lipton Cup Races are hosted on the lake each year. View the Grand County events calendar to see details about all upcoming Grand Lake events.

Things to Do in Grand Lake, Colorado

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