Enjoy a unique spa experience in the healing waters of the natural hot springs. This small town just east of Kremmling is home to one of the finest resorts in Colorado, the appropriately named Hot Sulphur Springs Resort. Boasting 22 pools and private baths plus a full suite of standard day spa services, Hot Sulphur Springs Resort welcomes you to heal your mind, body, and spirit in the warm, soothing waters that make Hot Sulphur Springs famous. 


As Grand County's county seat, the quaint town of Hot Sulphur Springs has played an important role in the history of the area. Named for the hot springs that line the canyon along this stretch of the upper Colorado River, the area was first visited by passing Ute and Arapaho hunting parties who called the area "big medicine." Trappers and hunters first visited the hot springs in the early 1800s, and by the turn of the century, the town was a popular resort community. Over one hundred years ago on December 30, 1911, two Norwegians, Carl Howelsen and Angell Schmidt, arrived in Hot Sulphur Springs after a 44-mile ski expedition. On December 31, Hot Sulphur Springs celebrated its first-ever Winter Carnival. The Norwegians stole the show and awed the crowd with their ski jump exhibition, marking the first-ever ski jump competition west of the Mississippi River and adding to the rich skiing heritage of Hot Sulphur Springs.

Make your own history at Hot Sulphur Springs with a rejuvenating getaway unlike any other. Visit any time of year to soak up the serenity, or plan your trip around the annual Hot Sulpher Days celebration in mid-June.

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Come visit, relax, and enjoy the sacred waters where the Ute Indians once bathed, healed mind, body, and spirit.




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