Unique Family-Friendly Summer Activities

A group of people standing on a ski lift with their bikes.

In Grand County, there’s plenty of family-friendly fun to round out an ideal summer escape to the Rocky Mountains. Whether the youngest members of your family can barely walk or they’re heading off to college, these unique adventures won’t disappoint.

Spend the Day at Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort offers plenty of activities on-site for limitless family fun! Whether you spend a day or a week here, you still won’t find the end of your family’s adventure. Here are some of our favorite Winter Park Resort activities:

The Easy-Going Family: Try your hand at mini golf! With an 18-hole putting course that presents interesting and unique challenges, Winter Park Resort has you covered. And since it’s slopeside, you won’t be missing out on those famous Winter Park Resort views.

The Adrenaline-Seeking Family: Feel the wind whip through your hair as you travel down the Resort’s now-famous, 3,000-foot-long Alpine Slide, complete with a blood-pumping 610-foot vertical drop. After one ride, you’ll want to go down it again and again.

Go Tubing—In the Summer

Love classic winter tubing? Then we have a treat for you! New to Grand County in 2015, Snow Mountain Ranch’s Summer Tubing Hill provides the same great rush that zipping down a snow-covered hill does, but in the summer!

So how does it work? By bringing together an incredible technology called Snowflex® and a light mist of water, you have a summer-ready tubing surface that’s smooth-sailing for tubers of all ages!

One thing’s for sure. Summer tubing will put a smile on your face.

Take a Paddle Boat Ride on Grand Lake

Get as close to a beach vacation as you can in the Rocky Mountains, and head over to Grand Lake. In addition to being next to a charming mountain town, complete with a main street for shopping and dining, Grand Lake also has a beach where your family can relax on the sand and enjoy the cool lake water this summer.

What’s more, your family can rent paddle boats for up to 4 people and pedal yourselves around the lake for your own scenic tour of the area. They’re the perfect size so even the kids can help pedal!

Find the paddle boats at Headwaters Marina on the Grand Lake beach. Call the marina at 970-627-5031 for more information.

Fish the Wolford Mountain Reservoir Waters

Fishing is a classic summer pastime. Start a new family tradition or continue an old one at Wolford Mountain Reservoir, just outside Kremmling, Colorado where you can fish, camp, rent a boat, and more! With 1,550 surface acres, the reservoir offers plenty of opportunity for on- and off-shore recreation for the whole family.

Want to extend your family fishing trip? You’re in luck! With 1,000 miles of streams, 1,000 acres of high mountain lakes, and 11,000 acres of reservoirs, Grand County is the perfect place to enjoy world-class fishing for as long as you can get away.

Ride a Dog Cart Through Winter Park

Dog Cart Rides are another great way to experience one of your family’s favorite winter pastimes in the summer! Rather than dashing through the snow on a dog sled, hop on a dog cart and head out for a 30-45 minute ride through Winter Park. Take in incredible views of 13,000-foot peaks, the Continental Divide, Winter Park Resort, and more. There’s no doubt the experience will be unforgettable. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Bike the Granby to Fraser Trail

If your family loves to get outdoors and get active, biking the Fraser to Granby Trail is the perfect family activity. Although the full trail is more than 16 miles long, you can ride shorter sections of it at a time.

Our favorite way to ride it? Start at Granby Ranch and take the easy decline into the town of Granby. Stop at one of the many charming restaurants for a nice lunch break before calling it a day or continuing on your way—Just follow the signs for the Fraser to Granby Trail, sit back, and enjoy the views!

View a map of the full trail here.

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