Updates & Alerts

The Grand County Colorado Tourism Board recognizes that travelers might be concerned about how COVID-19 and wildfires it might affect travel in the area. The travel industry’s guiding principle is to seek and heed the most up-to-date expert guidance, and we urge the traveling public to do the same.

Please Do Your Part to Stay Safe and Protect Our Community

The following regulations are in place in Grand County relating to COVID-19 for residents and visitors. While we encourage you to visit and patronize our local businesses, please mind these local mandates to do so safely. 

  • Masks are required in all public areas. Recommended for ages 3+, required for ages 11+. 
  • Maintain 6+ feet of distance with other outside your household, and limit group sizes. 
  • Stay home if you have symptoms or recent confirmed contact with a sick individual.
  • Take advantage of the hand sanitizer stations and be mindful to give others at least six feet of space. 
  • Businesses are open and operating with special protocols. Plan ahead for rentals that can be picked up or delivered. Restaurants are also offering takeout and curbside options. 
View County Health Updates Here

*Updated April 19, 2021