Backpacking in Grand County, Colorado


To help get you ready for your trip to Grand County, we have outlined everything you may need. From maps and itineraries to where you should eat and stay during your vacation, we will make your planning process as easy as possible so you can focus on all the fun you will be having on your upcoming adventure.

travel tools

Let us help you plan your grand escape to our five unique towns in the Rocky Mountians. Request more information, read itineraries, download our app, and browse our lodging and dining options.


Not sure what you want to do? We’ve hand picked some of our favorite ways to enjoy the best the county has to offer. No matter the season, the length of trip, or your interests, we have some trip ideas for your group. Let us help you plan your grand adventure today.

eat + stay

As you plan your trip, you will need to find the perfect place to rest your head and fill your stomach. Grand County has lots of options for you to choose from.

Plan an Event

Grand County, Colorado is the perfect place for you to have your next event. With great venues, helpful vendors and breathtaking surroundings, Grand County is ideal to celebrate with friends and family or to get inspired with your co-workers.


Experience Grand County like a local. From hidden gems to area favorites, let us help you create your own unforgettable story in the Rocky Mountains. Grand County. No matter what you choose, the end of one adventure is just the beginning of another.