Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Camping Trip in Grand County

Planning a trip to an RV campground in Grand County? Looking at cabin rentals in Colorado? No matter what type of camping trip you’re planning, we’ve got tips, tricks and advice to ensure you are prepared to make the most of your time in Grand County.

Read through the frequently asked questions below for answers to all of your camping curiosities.

What is the best time of year to camp in Grand County?

May through September are the most popular months for camping in Grand County. Some campgrounds also remain open into early October.

How do I reserve a campsite?

Each campground operates a little bit differently and not all campgrounds require advanced reservations. For example, McDonald Flats Campground and Sunset Point Campground are both available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check with your campground directly for specific rules and regulations regarding reservations.

Can I camp in a National Park?

Yes! Grand County is home to Rocky Mountain National Park, which has five drive-in campgrounds—including one that’s open all year-round. Grand County is also home to the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. There are many campsites in the National Forest area, including Arapaho Bay Campground, Green Ridge Campground and more.

Are there KOA campgrounds in Grand County, Colorado?

There are no KOA campgrounds located in Grand County, Colorado. However, we do have many other campgrounds and campsites with amenities like RV hookups, restrooms, play areas for children and more.

Where can I find cabin rentals in Colorado?

Right here! Our website has an extensive list of cabin rentals available in Grand County, Colorado. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin for a romantic weekend getaway or a family-friendly retreat, our list of cabin rentals is sure to have something for you.

Can I rent a lake house? Are there waterside campgrounds in Grand County?

Yes! Grand County is home to many lakes and rivers. Check out our list of the best lakeside and waterside campsites to find the ideal destination for your next camping trip. For lake house rentals, check out our list of cabins for rent in Grand County.

What should I bring on my camping trip?

Your packing list will depend on how long you plan to camp and what activities you plan on partaking in during your trip. Use this basic guide below as a helpful start:

  • The Basics: Tent, poles, stakes, tarp or canopy, sleeping bags and pads, repair kit for pads, mattress, tent, tarp, water bottles
  • Cooking / Cleaning Supplies:Frying pan, pot, roasting sticks for marshmallows / hot dogs, plates, forks, bowls, spoons, knives, cups / mugs, biodegradable soap, sponge, paper towels
  • Personal Items: Sunscreen, insect repellant, first-aid kit, soap, toothbrush and toiletries
  • Helpful Extras: Chairs, headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, extra batteries, matches or lighter

Are dogs allowed at campsites in Grand County?

Many campgrounds are dog friendly, though some do require that your four-legged friends stay on leash. Dog-friendly campgrounds in Grand County include Idlewild Campground, Elk Creek Campground, Sun Outdoors, Wolford Campground and more. For the most up to date information and pet policies, contact your campground directly.

What nearby activities I can participate in during my trip?

Grand County has so much to offer. From fishing in our lakes and rivers to spotting the wildlife on our many trails, there are activities at every turn. For boat rentals and water activities, check out Grand Lake Marina or the Wolford Mountain Reservoir. If you’re looking for a guided tour of  the area, hit the road in a jeep tour with Grand Adventures or travel by river with Mountain Paddlers or Red Tail Rafting. If you’re feeling adventurous, take to the skies with Grand Adventures Balloon Tours.