The Young Adventurer

Among your friends, you're the adventurous one who's able to find fun in every situation. Not that you'll have any trouble scoping out thrilling adventures here in Grand County, Colorado. Our pristine lakes, awe-inspiring mountains and vast backcountry are ready for all types of adventures, from camping in Rocky Mountain National Park to thrilling Jeep tours into the Colorado backcountry, stand-up paddle boarding on Colorado's largest natural lake and more.

Inbetween adventures, explore our five Rocky Mountain towns. Varying from quaint mountain towns and ski villages to charming lakeside escapes, there's never a shortage of Main Streets to stroll, or brunch spots and breweries to check out when you're exploring the real Colorado. 

Mountain Biking

Grand County provides some of the best mountain biking opportunities in Colorado. Winter Park, Colorado alone boasts over 600 miles of marked, mapped and user-friendly trails, contributing to its apropos nickname, Mountain Bike Capital, USA™.

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Kayaking & Rafting

Nothing beats the heady rush of racing down a swiftly flowing river in a trusty rubber raft or kayak. And there's no better place to experience the powerful thrill of Colorado Whitewater than in Grand County–the birthplace of the mighty Colorado River.

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Hot Air Ballooning

Adventure, excitement, romance. Leave your inhibitions on the ground as you peacefully soar over miles of open wilderness in your wind-guided craft. Let the wind take you where it may—each hot air balloon trip follows a unique path, dependant on the strength and direction of the wind that day.

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ATV & OHV Adventures

Start your engines with hundreds of miles of breathtaking and exciting terrain practically made for ATV/Motorsports. Rent an ATV, motorcycle or OHV for the day or sign up for a guided tour through one of our knowledgable outfitters.

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Rock Climbing

Tackle a mountaineering adventure along the jagged peaks and craggy wilderness of our beautiful Rocky Mountains. With most of our rock climbing tucked away and hidden from plain sight, Grand County is an under-the-radar gem for climbers in search of something off the beaten path. 

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