Discover the beauty of Grand County, Colorado on foot. Experience nature first hand with miles of scenic trails that are great for strolling or hiking.

Whether you are up for a challenging overnight backpacking trek into pristine wilderness areas, or simply looking for a leisurely stroll through a wildflower-filled valley, you can have it your way on any of the hundreds of miles of trails available to hikers in Grand County, Colorado—no extra charge for the spectacular views!

For complete information on hiking and backpacking in each of the four main areas of Grand County, Colorado and to request a trail map, please contact each chamber directly.

Official Hiking Guide to Grand County

The Official Hiking Guide to Grand County, which traces 18 trails from Winter Park to Grand Lake including elevation maps for each trail, descriptions, photos and a rating system for each hike, can be ordered online here from Guest Guide Publications.

Some Tips on Backcountry Safety

Whatever your means for exploration, it pays to be prepared in the backcountry. Here are some essentials for any wilderness excursion:

  • First aid kit
  • extra food and water
  • additional clothing
  • matches or a lighter
  • knife
  • map
  • compass or GPS
  • sunscreen

Be prepared for Colorado's ever-changing weather conditions. Afternoon thunderstorms are common in the summer months; bring a windbreaker or sweatshirt, even on warm days. In winter, check avalanche conditions before you depart and carry the recommended safety equipment.  At high altitude, dehydration sets in rapidly, so always carry plenty of water and do not drink from alpine rivers, lakes or streams. High-altitude can also accelerate fatigue.  Plan short trips until you are acclimated. Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to return. (taken from www.winterpark-info.com) View current weather conditions here.

Orienteering and Geocaching

If you're looking to develop your map and compass skills, explore the orienteering opportunities at Devil's Thumb Ranch or in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Once you've mastered orienteering, try the fun and challenging geocaching experiences at Devil's Thumb Ranch.

In addition, the Across the Divide GeoTour features Rocky Mountain National Park and the mountain villages of Estes Park & Grand Lake. This geocaching tour will take you from town to town crossing the Continental Divide and all the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Looking for the Best Views?

The best vista in Colorado? Now that's an interesting debate. In Grand County, we think we have multiple contenders for the title, especially the 10 best scenic views we've rounded up for our website. Whether you are simply going for a scenic drive or looking to experience something more wild from the comfort of your hiking boots, we bet you'll agree that these vistas are as good as it gets.

More information about hiking in Grand County from the Bureau of Land Management.