Have a high adrenaline adventure at high altitude in Grand County, Colorado! Winter or Summer, soar through the sky on one of our Zipline tours and view the Rocky Mountains from a whole new perspective. Expert guides will help lead you through this amazing experience. If the high speeds don't take your breath away, our awe-inspiring views will!

Adventurous Ziplines

Grand County offers some heart-pumping zipline courses through Devil's Thumb Ranch. With five different ziplines reaching up to 1,600 feet in length, almost 80 feet off the ground, and up to 40 mph speeds, this is the perfect place to get your blood rushing. Soar through the treetops or over gorgeous mountain meadows while increasing your adrenaline rush!

Family-Friendly Ziplines

While all zipline tours are led by experts, so families of most ages can participate throughout the county, there are some rides that are a little slower, lower, or shorter with the same great mountain views to cater to some of the more inexperienced groups. Among many other family-friendly activities, Snow Mountain Ranch offers a 600-foot zipline that soars through a pristine Rocky Mountain forest. In addition, Devil's Thumb Ranch offers rides as short as 370 feet at only about 30 feet off the ground. Depending on your family, you can choose ziplines that travel between 18 and 40 mph, so the activity is perfect for families of all ages and skill levels!

Zipling is a very popular activity, so make sure to call one of our zipline vendors below, and schedule your exursion at least 24 hours in advance.