Executive Director Job Description

The Grand County Colorado Tourism Board, a leading tourism industry entity, seeks proposals from qualified individuals to serve as the Tourism Board Executive Director. The selected candidate will oversee all aspects of our tourism mission and vision initiatives, including strategic planning, marketing, operations, and stakeholder relations.


The Grand County Colorado Tourism Board (GCCTB) is a non-profit organization with 12 volunteer Board representatives appointed by the Grand County Board of Commissioners.

The Board operates through funds generated by the 1.8% lodging tax paid by visitors staying in lodging properties, excluding the "Town of Winter Park."

The goal of GCCTB is to drive tourism to Grand County and increase bookings through Chambers of Commerce, lodging properties, activity vendors, events and other tourism entities.


We inspire a sustainable, year-round tourism economy in Grand County with an emphasis on strengthening the vitality of our communities, celebrating our local culture and traditions, and respecting our environment and resources.


This role is expected to be based in Grand County, Colorado. The selected contractor shall be responsible for providing the following:

Administration duties include:

  1. Process quarterly grants
  2. Secure monthly meeting locations
  3. Prepare monthly meeting minutes and board packets
  4. Update board policy and procedures as needed
  5. Community engagement
  1. Guiding and managing the strategic development process;
  2. Managing the development of an overarching campaign that includes creative materials;
  3. Managing the development of media, digital, and social media plans to direct the delivery of those materials to relevant audiences.
  4. Working with the Social Media Agency to create an editorial calendar that identifies a targeted local presence through the use of social media, print, radio, etc.


The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

Proposal Submission:

Interested candidates should submit a comprehensive proposal that includes the following:

Budget & Term

GCCTB's budget for the scope of work listed above is $15,000 per month. The agency should provide an estimate based on the scope of work, including agency fees, travel costs, and other associated expenses. Please outline your agency terms, conditions, and billing rate (commission, hourly, etc.) for standard development tasks and out-of-scope expenditures or reimbursable costs.

GCCTB functions on an annual calendar, operating from January to December. The initial term of the contract extends until December 31, 2025. The agreement holds the potential for extension, renewable annually in one-year increments, allowing for a total contract duration of up to three years, concluding on December 31, 2027. Such extensions are contingent on an annual evaluation of achievements by the GCCTB Board.. Each annual review will allow for consideration of adjustments in agency scope, fees, and extension. GCCTB reserves the right to cancel services for any reason with a 30-day written notice.

Submission Details & Timeline

Please submit the proposal in PDF format to [email protected] by 11:59 p.m. MST Monday, April 28, 2023. Proposals received after this time or via other channels may be disqualified and deleted. GCCTB does not take responsibility for any technical issues related to agency submissions or receipt confirmation from GCCTB. GCCTB will do its best to ensure such emails are received but not take responsibility if, for any reason, they are not.

The following is the timeline and process for agency solicitation, evaluation, and selection.

Timeline subject to adjustment.

Additional Submission Guidelines

In response to this Request for Proposal (RFP), agencies are encouraged to showcase their creativity and expertise in any format they see fit. By submitting a response, agencies confirm their understanding and acceptance of the following terms:

Confidentiality: All information, whether written or spoken, shared by GCCTB is confidential and must not be disclosed to external parties.

Flexibility of RFP: GCCTB reserves the right to modify any aspect of the RFP or the selection process or cancel it entirely at any time and for any reason without incurring any liability towards the participating agencies.

Truthfulness and integrity: Agencies must provide truthful and accurate proposal information. Any untruthful or misrepresented information will result in immediate disqualification. Furthermore, if such discrepancies are discovered post-contracting, it could lead to the termination of the contract without liability on GCTTB's part.

Conflict of Interest: GCCTB represents various members in the tourism industry, some of whom might also be clients of the participating agencies. This potential conflict of interest is acceptable if agencies transparently identify any such conflicts in their proposals and demonstrate their ability to manage these conflicts (e.g., through firewalled account management)

Intellectual Property: Any information, ideas, or concepts shared during the RFP process are considered non-proprietary. GCCTB retains the right to utilize these ideas without assuming any liability. Agencies should be aware that presenting ideas does not establish a formal agreement for compensation. Materials submitted during the RFP process will not be returned.