zombie 5k


Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? If your bravery and endurance are your winning traits, sign up for the Snow Mountain Ranch Zombie 5k! An un-deadly virus has broken out in Grand County, causing some people to turn into zombies. It's quickly spreading, and it's up to our fastest friends to help secure the antidote! If you choose to accept the mission, you'll start at the Just Ranch where our scientists are located. You'll have a single task ahead of you - to make it to Uncle Flip's Ranch (the Rowley Homestead) where Uncle Flip has developed a cure for the zombie virus, pick up the cure for the zombie virus that's affecting Grand County, and return to the scientists without getting infected! Those who successfully complete the task without being infected by the zombies lurking in the woods will be awarded an honorary survivor's medal. Do you accept the challenge?

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