Acrylic Paint Pouring


Acrylic Paint Pouring Date: Feb 5, 2024 (5pm-7pm) Cost: $60 (includes materials) Level/Age: All experience levels; 18+ Instructor: Heather Ferrera Location: RMFS Building – 315 Pitkin Ave, Grand Lake, CO Join artist Heather Ferrera in the captivating realm of fluid acrylic pouring! Immerse yourself in the art of mixing acrylic paints with mediums, and learn diverse pouring techniques that transform every canvas into a masterpiece. With each class, discover new methods of layering, pouring, and tilting, allowing you to create a variety of mesmerizing designs. Heather Ferrera, a visionary artist celebrated for her abstract fluid pouring expertise, will guide you through the delicate balance between chance and intentionality. Embrace the science behind the art, experiment with a spectrum of techniques, acrylic mediums, and a vibrant color palette to achieve captivating visual effects. As you tilt and manipulate the canvas, watch as each class unveils a new pouring technique, enriching your artistic repertoire. Elevate your creative journey with sustainability in mind, as Heather introduces an eco-friendly element. Explore the innovative practice of fashioning colorful jewelry from residual paint drippings, merging art with responsible craftsmanship. As a heads up, your exquisite art piece will need to dry overnight. Please plan a convenient time to coordinate pickup with either the instructor or the program coordinator. Join ‘Fluid Mastery’ now, and embark on a transformative adventure where each class unravels fresh pouring techniques, enabling you to express your artistry with fluid elegance.


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