Terrain Guide to Snowmobiling in Grand County

Two people on snowmobiles in Grand County. They take a break on the trail while the sun beats down on them from a bright blue sky.

Grand County boasts more than 1,000 miles of snowmobiling trails, centered in Grand Lake, Granby, Kremmling and Winter Park/Fraser. Here's a quick guide to these snowmobiling hotspots. For a list of outfitters, consult our main snowmobiling page.

Grand Lake

Grand Lake consistently ranks in the top 10 for snowmobile destinations in the United States and has earned the title of the Snowmobile Capital of Colorado™. This is in large part due to its 300 miles of trails and its numerous play areas suitable for all abilities. The town is so smitten with snowmobiles that you can even ride down the streets of Grand Lake legally. For more information, call 970-627-3402 or visit the chamber's website.


Granby offers a few outfitters and snowmobile rental agencies, which is a good thing considering the town is within easy reach of many of Grand County's choice trails and public lands, such as the areas around Lake Granby, the foot of the Indian Peaks and the Byers Peak area. For more information, call 970-887-2311 or visit the chamber's website.


Seriously love snowmobiling? The public lands in and around Kremmling boast some of the best ungroomed trails in the West. Some of the hotspots in the area are the following:

  • Rabbit Ears Pass: This is some of the best snowmobiling in the state. The summit of the pass is an easy 40-minute drive from Kremmling. Miles of trails and open terrain await you.
  • Gore Pass: Just 16 miles outside of Kremmling, Gore Pass is a snowmobile paradise. Powder days abound here as snowmobilers traverse acres of national forest.
  • Spring Creek: Just 10 miles south of Kremmling, Spring Creek offers miles of uncrowded terrain perfect for uninhibited riders.

For more information, call 970-724-3472 or visit the chamber's website. If you email the chamber, it can send you its "Guide to Public Lands" brochure, complete with snowmobiling maps.

Winter Park/Fraser, Colorado

The Winter Park and Fraser Snowmobile Trails are located in the Arapaho National Forest on the east and west side of Highway 40 near the towns of Fraser and Winter Park. The area offers a variety of riding, from trail riding to meadows and steep mountain play areas. For more information, call 970-726-4118 or visit the chamber's website.

BLM Lands

For more information about snowmobiling on BLM land in Grand County, consult the Colorado BLM website.

Beginner's Guide

Ready for your first snowmobile adventure in Grand County? Check out our beginner's guide to find out what to bring, where to go and more.