10 Grand Reasons To Be Thankful

An aerial view of a small town in the mountains.

As Thanksgiving rolls around once again, now is the perfect time of year to reflect on the things that make Grand County, Colorado such a delightful destination. Our cozy corner of the Rocky Mountains is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the residents of our six towns are kind and generous, and our capacity to share this incredible place with visitors continues to grow and flourish.

Colorado Holiday Activities

Below, we've outlined 10 Colorado holiday activities that make us thankful for Grand County. After reading, share what makes you thankful for Grand County on social media and tag #VisitGrandCounty so we can join the conversation!

1. Authentic Rocky Mountain Towns Just 67 Miles From Denver

Getting into the mountains doesn't have to be a whole ordeal! That's why we're thankful Grand County is located just 67 miles from Denver—because every should be able to experience our six authentic Rocky Mountain towns

2. Winter Adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park

As the first flakes of snow start to fall in the high country, we're thankful for the way Rocky Mountain National Park turns into a winter wonderland. The chilly conditions drive many casual tourists away, leaving ample room for the real winter enthusiasts to roam around the park and take advantage of the open space and fresh packs.

3. Snowmobile Rides in the Snowmobile Capital of Colorado

With more than 1,000 miles of snowmobiling trails and 146 inches of annual snowfall, it's easy to see why Grand County is considered the "Snowmobile Capital of Colorado." We're thankful for abundant Colorado snowmobiling adventures, dedicated outfitters and service shops throughout the county, and the endless expanse of terrain to explore on your own or with a guided tour.

4. Winter Escapes With the Whole Family

We're thankful winters in Grand County are bursting with ways to make sure everyone enjoys the perfect family-friendly escape (with just the right amount of adventure sprinkled in). Get ideas for your next winter retreat with this family-friendly itinerary for our favorite way to spend a winter week in Grand County.

5. World-Class Skiing & Snowboarding

Being nestled against the Continental Divide has its advantages—like getting unbelievable amounts of snow each year, for instance. What to do with all that powder? Well, ski and snowboard of course. We're thankful for the incredible variety of downhill ski and snowboarding trails you can ride at Winter Park Resort and Granby Ranch.

6. Incredible Places to Stay for Every Type of Traveler

Whether you're looking for a luxurious lodge, a backcountry campground, a rustic ranch or budget-conscious motel, we're thankful for the diverse range of places to stay in Grand County. Having such a wide selection of lodging options means we get to host a broad range of travelers—and that's just the way we like it!

7. Rejuvenating Hot Springs & Spas

In Grand County, there is no shortage of ways to relax. But for those seeking the most rejuvenating and relaxing type of trip, we're thankful Grand County is home to a variety of traditional day spas and a hot springs resort.

8. Iconic Wild West Adventures Abound

Long before snowmobilers took to the trails around Grand Lake and cars navigated the curves of Trail Ridge Road, intrepid pioneers, explorers and ranchers were all making their way westward and settling the lands of Colorado. Today, we're thankfor for the many places around Grand County that still bring the Old West to life.

9. Scenic Views as Far as the Eye Can See

Grand County's incredible mountain scenery is defined by the Continental Divide, and we're endlessly thankful for the vast variety of scenic vistas that come with the territory. But our terrain is more varied than just yodel-worthy summits and rocky mountain highs. Check out a few of our favorite scenic views in Grand County.

10. Magical Holiday Festivities

Spending the holidays in Grand County is something everyone should do at least once. By the end of November, the snow begins to pile up on our mountains and valleys, creating a magical backdrop to this most festive time of year. We're always thankful for the beautiful winter scenery, an assortment of holiday-themed events and the wonderful friends and family with whom we get to share our festive cheer.