Moffat Road Railroad Museum

In 1904, David Moffat started building the "Denver Northwestern & Pacific Railroad" - the highest standard gauge railroad ever built in the United States. The railroad went from Utah Junction (Denver) over Rollins Pass (11,660 feet above sea level) through the Grand Valley and terminated in Craig, Colorado. Moffat originally planned the railroad to go all the way to Salt Lake City, but when he died and the financing evaporated, the line ended up terminating at Craig. Click here to view maps of the Moffat Road.

The "Moffat Road" was intended to put Denver on a transcontinental railroad, but that didn't happen until 1928 when the Moffat Tunnel (6.2 miles long - the third longest in the country) was finished. That was 17 years after David Moffat had died.

Visit the Moffat Road Railroad Museum in Granby, Colorado to learn more about David Moffat, Moffat Road Railroad, the Moffat Tunnel and all of the effects of the Moffat Road Railroad in Grand County, Colorado. There currently is a Railroad Interpretive Center Park available for public viewing at the museum site next to the Kaibab Park ball fields in Granby. The museum currently has three pieces of railroad equipment located at the Railroad Interpretive Park. The Moffat Road Railroad Museum Interpretive Center includes a 1905 Passenger Car, the 1915 era railroad hand-cart shed from Hot Sulphur Springs, and a 1923 all wood, red UP caboose.

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