The Disney Way WorkshopWednesday – October 25, 2017

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Grand Lake Center
301 Marina Dr
Grand Lake, CO 80447


Grand Lake Center

Phone: 970-627-2415
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About The Event

Bill Capodagli, coauthor of the best-selling book The Disney Way, shares decades of experience and research to help you create your own customer-centric culture. Discover how Walt Disney’s successcredo – Dream, Believe, Dare, Do – has fostered Disney’s incredible accomplishments.
If you are ready to create a Disney Way Customer-Centric Culture, build a collaborative team, and take your organization to new levels of excellence, this is one hands-on workshop you must not miss!

You will:
Create a Story that defines your organization in terms of magical dream-come-true moments for customers
Develop Values that drive decision-making

Prepare Codes of Excellence that define specific behavioral expectations for all employees

Storyboard – a unique problem solving technique that helps unleash the creative energy of a team as they develop innovative ideas and solutions to complex problems

Use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for leadership development, team building, career selection and personal development
Develop a Roadmap for Change, a plan for becoming a Disney Way customer-centric organization

Inspire employee loyalty and reduce turnover through the “Brain Trust” process

In addition to the 3 days of classroom experience, over the next six months, Bill will conduct three 90-minute question and answer sessions pertaining to your implementation efforts.

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